Engineering apprenticeships

What do engineers do? 

Engineers keep New Zealand’s industries running with a broad range of skills like welding, manufacturing parts, plus repairs and maintenance of all kinds of machinery and equipment.  

What roles are available in engineering? 

There are lots of different kinds of engineering apprenticeships available now. General engineering covers a wide range as outlined above, a machining engineer makes metal parts, fitting and machining engineers make and assemble components for plants and machinery, a fabricator makes steel parts and structures and a maintenance engineer is responsible for making sure equipment and machines run smoothly.  

There are also more opportunities in areas like refrigeration and air conditioning, mechanical building services, fire protection, dairy systems, toolmaking and locksmithing.  

What are the benefits of an apprenticeship? 

You get paid to learn on the job and get qualified – that means no student debt while you get skilled in the engineering industry.  

Interested in engineering?  

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